Nov 17, 2013

Grapple the Baby Ep 2: Tanzania and Mythical Genitalia

The Captain and Zach are at it again in this episode of Grapple the Baby, with more weekly observations, a recent trip Chris made, and their guests Dragonblood and DragonG! Fo life!


Nov 12, 2013

Subliminal Ep 17: Blast From the Past - Stories from Two and a Half Months Ago

A new but old episode of Subliminal, like a used car! Zach and the captain talk about Miley twerkin in Syria and a lotta other outdated but awesome news stories. And their summer vacations. (Yes, like a second grade writing assignment). Thanks to Majik for his song Ground Zero. Find his stuff on his youtube channel! and remember... your life is just a subliminal message.


Nov 1, 2013

Grapple The Baby Ep 1: GTB Origins

Zach and the Captain start an all new show observing everyday life and things that piss them off on a regular basis. And the name? Well you'll just have to listen to find out... ZAPPP!


Oct 25, 2013

Subliminal Ep 16: The Night of Challenges!

Zach and Peter return with an episode of Subliminal Podcasting, JFK's brain WHAT?! and hint towards a new show called Grapple the Baby. Have they finally gone insane? Check it out! Special thanks to Bonnie n Clyde Legion for the music this week with EXTINCTION! Remember... Your life is just a subliminal message.


Sep 29, 2013


Zach and Peter announce some exciting news! Changing the format of the network up a little, and presenting a long overdue special episode of ZAPPPcast! Special thanks to ArrowFlight from Scotland and their wonderful music! Prepare to be ZAPPPed!


Jul 11, 2013

Subliminal Ep 15: The Captain is born and the Dutch in Space!

Zach brings all out bliss to your ears with an awesome episode featuring Dragonblood, and Chris who you've heard on Oh Sh!t It's the News! Listen to us ramble about how scary animals are, how it's cheaper to buy a one way ticket to mars, and what do other people think about America? Your life is just a subliminal message! Music from this episode by Jon of the Shred Also, thanks to PGR!


Jun 28, 2013

Subliminal Episode 14: Bullies Suck on That!

Zach has a long talk over Skype with a music producer, Qrittix, or Sven, about his music, his life, some history, conspiracies and all sortsa other stuff. Qrittix is dutch musician and it was an awesome talk! Lotsa thanks in this episode to first of all Qrittix,, Bonnie Legion is featured in the closing track, and we wouldn't have even had contact with Qrittix if it wasn't for PGR! And remember... your life is just a subliminal message.


Jun 5, 2013

Subliminal Episode 13: You’ve Got a Friend in the Inspection Deck

Zach brings on his co host on OSIN and co founder of the network Peter, for the first episode with only the two of them since the beginning! Talking about Toy Story, endless toilet humor that makes us appear as if we're 10 years younger, and do an outdated story on 3d printers (New advances since we talked about them, listen to intro). Special thanks to our musical guest Nathan Dube for the awesome tune! If you're wondering where you know him from, he's the singer and guitar wizard at Jabooda! And Remember... your life is just a subliminal message.


May 28, 2013

Subliminal Episode 12: Return of Dragonblood

Zach bring his awesome first subliminal guest ever back Nate aka Dragonblood! Talking about serial killers, history, some morbid stuff (With funnier results than last time) and lotsa other things as well. OUr musical guest this week is Rimon, a shout out to those guys! And remember... your life is just a subliminal message!


May 17, 2013

Subliminal Episode 11: Africa to LA to Jesus Camp

Zach brings on an awesome guest Ethan as they talk about his life, being an extra on movies and tv shows, religion, evolution, and enough stuff to inform you about far more you wanted to know about either of us. Special thanks to Lovego Libertas for the music this week,, Remember... your life is just a subliminal message.


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